Review Disclaimer(s)

Although I aim to justify any opinions raised in each article, please respect that the views expressed are subjective. They are not intended to invalidate your interpretation, but rather, to promote constructive discussion and a deeper understanding of the song.

It would not be appropriate for me to discuss the video(s) or the content of the song’s lyrics. I’m British, I do not speak or understand the Korean language and I am not knowledgeable of Korean culture! I’m merely a classical musician, I have a master’s degree and a professional background in classical music and I am simply discussing what I perceive to be the merits of the song’s composition from my perspective.

The bar-structure and various harmonic structure diagrams are homemade. They are not sourced from the composer(s). Whilst I am satisfied that the diagrams could help fans/artists produce a faithful and accurate cover of the song being analysed, these illustrations are restricted by my personal ability to annotate music from scratch!

Finally, these articles take a very long time to write and I am not sponsored for my work. I’m simply publishing each article because I enjoyed the song and I wanted to share it with other people. I hope my analysis helps students and fans alike. If people enjoy my articles, I am open to writing more in the future.